Female Halfling Bard.


Sly wears flashy clothes with her adventuring gear. She has curly brown hair and eyes that are brown when wary or threatened and green when mischevious. At her collar can been seen links of chain shirt of finely woven glistening silver metal. At her waist is a rapier, whip, dagger, sling and belt pouch. Strapped across her back is a quiver of short arrows and bow along with a backpack. With a careful look, you can see the hilt of a few more daggers in her boots and behind her neck.


Sly often skips along instead of walking. She often sings songs of different times and places, adapting them to the current surroundings or situation. She is known to place her current travelling companions into her songs and to tell of their heroic deeds. She often plays the role of the entertainer and does not speak of herself, rather speaking of others. She likes to be the center of attention but is equally in the background, observing others. Sly is opinionated and will tell others what she thinks of them.


Knowledge, Dragons, Gods, and Revenge gmouser