Knowledge, Dragons, Gods, and Revenge

Recap Session 8

Session 8

Jawth, Sly, Windrunner, and Ulvan, went back to tend to the mules and get some rest. The previous hours had weighed heavy on them and no one was looking well. After resting the party continued through the library. When the party arrived where outside the room where they left the black rock you decided to move around it and leave it be. There was a hole in the ground 10ft by 10ft and easily seen. The half-orc and the half-ling recognized it as a trap. Jawth continued forward and sly followed chalking the ground behind him. The rogue made a wrong step and fell through the floor. Thirty feet he fell and you could hear the bones crunch as he hit the bottom.

He was able to stand up and a rope was lowered to get him, but as soon as he reached out for it a spider bit him and it was on! More spiders came, Windrunner jumped into the whole, Cheytahk thinking it better decided to wait up top with Sly and Ulven, who was sending magic down repeatedly out of the fingers of his right hand. There were other creatures down there as well, “Nightmare Beasts” as Windrunner called them, “Abberations” the more educated half-orc would say. Windrunner knew these creatures and knew where they were weak. He took one down and the other tried to run, but windrunner caught him and the beast, cornered and scared, took the great warrior of the plains down. The monster ran and hid. Sly brought Windrunner back through her music. Cheytahk worried at the cries and screams of her mast jumped down and he found windrunner sprawled and bleeding on the floor. Windrunner was weak and tired, poisoned bleeding, but he would let this creature live. He burned the webs that were spread all about the room and the creature came running out to its doom. The mangled party decided to rest again.

In the room a ring was found, Sly put it on and it was cursed, Windrunner almost cut the poor halflings hand off. Sly would not go near Windrunner for some time and still looks at him skeptically. There was a door with a chain through the handle that was unlocked. You entered and found a single set of footprints down the hallway. Windrunner followed them exactly and could not make sense of them. The hallway had a door in one of the corners. and it let to a giant 100 ft tall with mirrors on every wall. To one side of the room there were some strange puzzles in the ground. You figured those out meanwhile Windrunner noticed a “secret door” and tried to open it. It attacked him sticking to him and almost bringing him down, but he managed.

After solving the puzzles the floor opened and revealed a stairway to the bottom. You walked down and found three guards which let you through to Velik. Velik healed you all and helped Sly remove the ring. And restored he lost life. You entered a portal into an illusion and overcame it there was a riddle, a maze and some strange creatures that made you stupid. You went through a negative energy plain and you could feel your very life being pulled by the very ground. You reached the Library…

Recap Session 7

Session 7

After spending about a week in Keyen Jawth, Sly and Ulvan met with Simone, a powerful diviner, in the central star. She spoke of The Great Library and about a Nimmins who went to investigate and never came back, he is believed dead due to a few pages brought to Simone through the use of a messenger bird. There was a tribal from the plains brought as a guide to help navigate the dangers of the plains. His is called Windrunner and as the party quickly learned he seeks to understand magic and any knowledge that will help him against the evil shaman, Udapash.

Windrunner found the entrance to the library which was a a hidden door covered in grass. it opened to reveal steps that went below ground. Not far from the entrance was a large pile of skeletons, Sly put two and two together with Nimmins notes and found that this was indeed caused by a spike coming out of the floor. Jawth examined the trap but the half-orc was unable to determine how to disable the trap and assumed there must be some way around it. Windrunner impatiently jumper across the trap and proceeded to destroy a bookshelf trying to make the trap stop. Shortly after a secret door was found that lead around the trap.

The party continued into the library and found a room with statues in each corner in different poses. One at a desk, One holding a box, One reaching toward a bookshelf, and One cloaked. There was also a statue of a bat in the middle of the room. The bat statue came alive, dropping Jawth and laughing Ulvan sent ray after ray of cold magical energy into the creature and it became furious stepping up to kill him. However before he could drop the dwarven sorcerer Jawth landed such a blow to rip the wings from the body of the beast dropping it to its death. Windrunner kept the head as a trophy.

After resting the hallway was traversed. It was at a slight decline, there were shelves lining the walls that were broken down unnaturally. The stone work in the walls was coming apart and the ground was littered with debris. Down the hallway to the left was a large room with rows of broken down benches and a stage, one could only assume this was an auditorium of some kind. Above the stage was the symbol of the large open tomb which you had seen previously on all the statues chests.

There was a storage room on the back-left side of the auditorium, there were creatures in here and they seemed very difficult to penetrate. They were snakelike slithering along the ground but at their mouths there were 4 tentacles. Windrunner sent Chaytahk after them and pushed his way into the room, but his tomahawks were not effective. Ulvan sent missiles from his fingers into the creatures and was able to bring one of them down. Jawth found a weak point in the rubbery skin of the one Windrunner was currently hacking at and brought it down. Windrunner was surprised at these “nightmare beasts” he had always been able to damage them… He was indeed confused and felt somewhat useless…

Across the was was a room with a round indentation in the floor where it looked as though something large had rested. There were the symbols etched in the stone in different patterns and accents etched over the whole indentation. In the corner of the room was a passageway that led down over crumbling earth, different from the rest of this place. Windrunner went to the bottom and saw a pool of warm water and some black flowers. He cut one of the flowers off and the room went dark, he was attacked by something, he managed to grab it and force it into the water pinning it to the bottom. Jawth felt his way over using the splash of Windrunners axe, as it came out of the water and fell back in chopping at the creature, to find the creature and drive his punch dagger into it. The creature broke free but it was two late, it didn’t have a chance to move before it was brought down. The darkness cleared and Windrunner went back up to tend to Cheytahk warning the other about the flowers. Sly was curious she messed with them and then the party left.

Finally, Down the hallway a little more. Sly stepped on a Pressure plate which released water from the walls and ceiling with great force into the pool in the middle of the next room. The ground again was off here being straight earth and not well made stone. Sly was able to jump out of the way. A chest was found in this room. Jawth got to it first, Sly did not trust him. There was a rock in the corner, when Windrunner walked close to it Skeletons appeared more and more appeared and Zombies. The party Withdrew, the undead did not fallow. Sly, Jawth and Ulvan tried to find a way to destroy it. Windrunner simply tried to not slip into darkness from his wounds. He was looking quite bad. The rock could not be destroyed….

Summary of Events Sessions 1-6

Session 1

Roland, Ulvanithar and Jawth arrived in a small village in the Vailed Plains called Fosen. They talked to a seer there and found out that her mind was cloudy because of the giants invading the villages. The only future she could see was her death and the death of all the halflings in the surrounding villages. You purchased wares left town and were on your way to speak to the giants.

Session 2

You made it to the giants (After being distracted by some straw gnolls) and managed to talk to the chief of the small tribe, in your estimation no more than 15 giants. The chief was willing to talk to you and you found out through your guide Bartholomew that some of the young-ling giants were being taken and the giants thought it was the half-lings. Roland spoke up and said he would have it resolved in a week. So you went to find a tracker to help you figure out about these giants. you hired Runan a dwarf blacksmith. He came reluctantly at the outrageous price of 10 gold a day! You found what you were looking for. An orc temple of Kead the god of darkness and sacrifice. Two orcs gaurded the doors, there was a battle and more orcs came from inside. Lucky Runan was there he saved you guys.

Session 3

Runan left blooded and perturbed that he had to fight. He left early the next morning though you asked him to stay. Inside the temple you found different bunks on the first floor and storage. There was also a chimney in the middle that had skills in the clear floor around it. There was one room in the corner that was boarded up from the outside and debris was pushed in front of it. You pulled the debris out of the way and ripped off the boards to find 2 zombies in there. you tried to hold them in but realized it would be better if you just let them out and fought them. The door flew open, Ulvan enlarged Roland who stepped back onto the stairs to realize they were trapped and died. You finished off the zombies and re-closed the room. pushing stuff back in front of it.

Session 4

You finished looking through the temple finding one of the two missing giants locked in a room watched by an ogre. A little half-ling girl appeared in the dungeon somehow and Jawth barely saw her he jumped at the sight and Sly joined the party. Down a set of stairs about 30 feet down. Was a room. No sound was heard and there was a indent in the middle with a large table and blood stains on the floor around it. there were rooms on the opposite side of the room. Two orcs slept in these rooms an evil orc cleric of Kead and his personal body guard. Apparently they did not hear the noise of battle 50 feet above them through the earth. These orcs were neutralized and the giant was taken back to his people, the chief was furious but apologetic he said in turn for the misunderstanding and assumptions that the giants made the half-lings would be protected by their tribe. Jawth was diseased by a ghoul so they found the seers father and he gave Jawth a cure but it would take a week. During this week they talked to Marin (the seer) again and this time she gave them each something to think about. She told them to go to the great diviner Simone who lives in the Central Star of The Five Stars in Uny.

Session 5

A long dangerous journey to Keyen (The Five Stars)

Session 6

Arrival in Keyen and a crazy dining at the Tavern of Elements. A battle on the walls against constructs from another plane. A dispute with the Five Mages of Keyen.


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