(goddess of honor)

Greater Deity
Symbol: Scales Perfectly symmetric and in balance
Home Plane: The Temple of Purity
Alignment: LG
Worshipers: Students of Law, Judges, Captains, Military, Warriors, Nobles
Domains: Law, Good, Nobility, Healing, Honor
Favored Weapon: “The Point of Truth” (Lance)

  Concept: Angina is the perfect holy knight. Always thinking in terms of what is righteous, just and to the common good. This goddess acts only to what is within her code. Angina appears a great night on a celestial mount with an aura that can drive fear from the hearts of the most feeble. She is clad in the finest plate armor and though fully covered you can see her features strong and beautiful. She carries The Point of Truth in her right hand, which emits a zone of truth around her, and The Shield of Purity in her left. Even a child feels brave in the presence of Angina. Her mount is clad in Plate as well of the same make as the riders. When Angina is in a charge none who charge with her feel fear; all whom she charges are shaken!
  Church: The church of Angina are generally sworn protectors to the king of the region and often the captains of the army are paladins and clerics of her church. The kings will leave the army in command of the clergy of Angina. Close followers of Angina are admired and respected. The people of the church view themselves as a means to deliver what is right and good. A person must search themselves and purify the motives and desires of there heart. Then with respect, love and honor they can spread the great law amongst the people. A follower of Angina is always critical of him/herself before criticizing another.
  Purpose: This great holy knight is at a constant war with the evil among the gods, she commands respect from all of them even Dermitar. None amongst the gods does not feel ashamed when Angina is disappointed with them. She serves as the light that continues to shine though all darkness should come. She is the object of home when all seems lost. If Angina still stands then there is always a chance. When evil is done to her or those around her she is filled with a holy anger that drives her to make right what has been wronged and make good what has been tainted with evil.
  Depiction: Angina is commonly portrayed as a white rider with a full helmet and clad in fine armor carrying a lance in her right arm and a shield in her left. Other depictions can range from a variety of symbols of justice depending on the region you are in. Her actually symbol are scales being perfectly in Balance and with perfect symmetry, the four chains on the scale are exactly opposite each other. Angina is sometimes holding this scale out watching closely to make sure it is in balance. It has been speculated that when the power of the gods is out of balance the symbol of Angina will be slightly tilted to one side. Though there is no proof for this.
  Dogma: The code of Angina: Face your enemies without fear, Do what is good and right for the people, protect the weak and less fortunate, seek out and destroy all kinds of evil, scrutinize the purity of your mind and heart, spread hope where there is none, promote what is just in constant testing of the law, and love the people with whom you share your life force.
  Followers: The most common follower classes of Angina are Paladins, some Fighters and Rangers, very rarely a court or military support Wizard and very few of anyone else. You will never find a Druid or bard following this religion.
  Allies and Enemies: The other gods whom Angina associates with and calls her allies are Ull, Lamina Chandar and holds a great respect for Resh. On a rare occasion she will make a temporary allegiance with Pandrask, Horu, Iraz and/or Cintaperl.

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