House Rules

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PC Advancement

Hit dice MUST BE roled int eh presence of the Game Master (me).

In order to level one day per level must be taken.

Role Playing Experience

After review I have decided on this formula for the total role playing XP attainable in a given session: (hours played)/100×[(next level XP) – (current level XP)] this amount is based on the the average party level not your individual character level.

For example: if your APL is 8 and you play for 10 hours you can get a total of (10/100)x(75,000 – 51,000) = 2400

30% (720/2400): means you role played ‘why are you even playing?’: I feel sorry for you so I am giving you XP and you shouldn’t be in my game anyway. So, please leave before I ask you.

40% (0960/2400): means you role played ‘barely enough’: Step it up or you will get kicked out, you wrote a back story, so stick to it! Your name is Falathiel not Katrina.

50% (1200/2400): means you role played ‘half-ass’: You have the tools necessary, I suggest you use those tools. You know how to personify a character you simply are not trying hard enough or haven’t had enough time with it. This could also be an indication that you are doing something that is “awesome” rather than what your character would in this situation.

60% (1440/2400): means you role played ‘decently’: Your character is believable most things fit, though you make mistakes often and tend to play ‘yourself’ rather than your ‘character.’ You are willing to step out of character in order to use your abilities.

70% (1680/2400): means that you role played ‘well’. You followed your back story and your character choices made logical sense. However, you did fall out of character here and there, perhaps your character told an off the wall joke or perhaps you disrupted the flow of the game at one point.

80% (1920/2400): means that you role played ‘quite well’: You did not fall out of character very often maybe once or twice during the entire session. Your character was believable and you used description to make draw your character on the minds of the other players. In order to reach anything above 85% a signature voice will need to be implemented.

90% (2160/2400): means that you role played ‘excellently’: It was hard to remember who you really are, the other players and I are wondering if the character you are playing is really just role playing you… Precise descriptions are used, falling out of character is not an option.

100% (2400/2400) means that you role played ‘Perfectly’: This last 10% is entirely subjective. You have to really make an impression to get this amount.

This is mostly subjective but it will give you an idea of what I am looking for. Everything is subject to change.

On top of getting XP for role playing you can also accrue circumstance bonuses for a given action. This is due to creativity and logic in following your background. On the opposite side of this coin you will take penalties for straying from your back story and the concept of your character.

If you get around 40% role playing XP, or anything less, for three sessions you will be asked to leave the campaign.

Background Information Guidelines

Rolling Your Character

If you decide to roll your character you can choose between two methods, Standard or Dice Pool, both outlined on page 15 of the PFCR or on the PFSRD. A cumulative modifier of 4 or greater must be kept and anything over 8 must be modified or discarded. If you roll above 8 and choose to modify you have to cut the chosen ability score(s) in 2 point increments. If you choose to roll your character you have a possible 2000 point xp bonus for your background information.

If you choose to use point buy you start with 15 and you can get up to 20 points. The point buy system can be found in Table 1-1: Ability Score Costs on page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Or you can find it online Ability Score Costs on the PFSRD. In addition to the 5 ‘point buy’ points you can also gain 1000 bonus XP. The XP basically works as follows:

Your backstory should answer all of following questions to the best of your ability each worth up to 50XP for ‘rollers’ or 25XP for ‘buyers’. The remaining 1400XP or 700XP, respectively, will be subjective based on your backstory.

1). What is your name, race, gender, class, origin and what do you look like?

2). Summarize the idea of your character.

3). What is your reason for adventuring?

4). NPC’s (parents, enemies, guides, brothers etc.) race gender, class, level, relation to you, role.

5). What is the mentality of your character, how does he/she think about, react to, and look at, events?

6). What makes your character unique?

7). Who do you look up to? Who motivates you? Which deity do you worship and why?

8). What are the flaws of your character and why did he/she develop them? Are these flaws controlable?

9). Include a specific event from your past that would explain something about you.

10). Does your characters name have any significance?

11). Were there any major mistakes in your past that you deeply regret? or that drive you?

12). What is your characters view on death?

13). How does your character view love and relationship?

14). What sayings or ideals do you live by?

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House Rules

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