(god of “true justice”)

Greater Deity
Symbol: A strong arm rising from the earth grasping a great hammer
Home Plane: The Earthen Plane
Alignment: CG
Worshipers: Dwarves, Spies, Smiths, Lawyers, Outlaws, Rebels
Domains: Protection, Strength, Chaos, Healing, Good, Earth
Favored Weapon: “Reckoning” (Warhammer)

  Concept: Iraz is the “younger brother” of Ull. Both are great Titans of the earth itself. Different from Ull however Iraz prides himself in his strength over his wisdom. Iraz is a magnificent creature of focus and intent. He appears as a great titan of the earth and stone carrying a warhmmer that can quake the very ground. He is stout and stubborn. his rage against evil and his impatience with the procedure of law make his holy anger an awesome sight to behold. This is the reason for the common reference “The Quaking Stone.”
  Church: Finding a church of Iraz is almost unheard of in any large civilized city or region. It has been shown that the clergy will often revolt against the government when they are in disagreement, with astonishing success. An intelligent leadership will often stop a cleric from establishing a temple dedicated to The Quaking Stone. However, of the just over 100 temples dedicated to this great deity none have been torn down. It seems the clergy of the temple are as mulish as the god that temple is dedicated to.Temples are established outside of the juristiction of cities and often in harsh climates. Endurance is a characteristic of Iraz and his followers. Renegade dwarves are known to build temples of Iraz in the mountains where they mine. Where they are blessed with minerals from this great titan of the earth.
  Purpose: Iraz believes that the ends justify the means, as long as it is to the greater good, this is what Iraz, and his followers respectively, refer to as “true justice.” The Quaking Stone tends to be a little rash not always thinking through a situation as much as he ought before intervention, he has never been upheld for great wisdom. He will jump into a situation and fix a problem that might have worked itself out if he would have let it be. He looks up to his brother Ull, but also is in disagreement and resents his brothers position which is in his eyes higher than his. Iraz is respected and feared by all who are evil for destroying the Stvaranje Dragulj Zla Tame (dark creation force of evil) which Dria had embedded into a gem. The Quaking Stone proved his name trying to free himself into the plane of strength. The ground shook with violence as Iraz left his godly rage and he fell to the ground, it took Lamina hundreds of years before Iraz regained consciousness, his wounds were deep from the scourge of Dermitar and they still pain him.Though equal in standing amongst the other gods, Eiam brought Ull from the earthen plane first and therefore Iraz looks at him as having a higher position. When Iraz is not destroying the evil that drives his innder rage he tends to the forge. He makes and repairs weapons of great quality for the other gods who are similiarly aligned.
  Depiction: The Quaking Stone is commonly depicted as a massive earth titan, with skin of the strongest stone and wearing only minimal covering made from the vegetation of the earth, his eyes a deep grey and his brow furrowed. Other avatars include a great man climbing out of the earth as though coming up out of the water with Reckoning held high in his strong right hand.
  Dogma: Bring everything to what is good, don’t dwell on the path but the destination. No evil should roam free when you have the power to stop it. Patience proves to be a means for evil to expand. Do not wait! Drive away what is wrong, do not think twice. Bring “True Justice” which is above any law. Allow your holy anger to drive you, but not to any kind of evil.
  Followers: Iraz is generally worshiped by dwarves who are not concerned with the law. Barbarians and fighters are his most common followers along with some rogues, sorcerers, and bards. A follower of Iraz is a force to be reckoned with. They are generally stubborn and quick to act against evil sometimes to the great dismay of their comrades. This is not to be confused with respect. A worshiper of Iraz holds great respect though they are usually humble, you can rest assured that a true believer in this deity will not leave you stranded.
  Allies and Enemies: He is allied with Resh, Horu, and Brusk, sometimes allying himself with Pandrask. His enemies are Kead, Jeidrean, Dermitar, Murdow and he is impatient with Arendra’s stance on the law.

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