Sample Backstory

Fendrel Meliamne-Aungier,

-I must apologize in advance for a part of me has died, my spirit is still good and I hope unendingly… My love has been taken from me, my heart severed, my pride crushed, my dreams trampled. I am left with a single goal nothing is of higher priority. I will help where needed but only my love matters to me, if I did not have hope to see her again I would fall on this spear without a second thought…

Meliamne is my father’s family name and to show his respect for the other races he hyphenated my mother’s family name, Aungier, onto the end of mine. I never had a lot of trouble with my race until I met a group of sun elves that thought themselves better than the other races.

I grew up outside of Waterdeep . My father was a part of the Elven Court, but after the weeping war and during the great retreat in 1344DR, he retreated and purchased a large patch of land just outside of Waterdeep. He was looked down upon by some for his growing compassion toward other races and he was not allowed to enter Evereska after taking my mother, Pristina, as his wife for she is a human.

My parents, Evandil (164 year old NG Sun Elf, Level 4 Rogue-diplomat and salesman, Level 7 Enchanter) and Pristina (37 year old LG Human, Level 4 Commoner), taught me to look at all the races with equality. Different from the majority of elves in the area, this helped me get along with other races. My best friend: Taifhelieus Angrhar Prelion Xilemar Chvodefv or Taif (47 year old CG Rock Gnome expert 2) is a gnome, and he was always up to some mischief. I can remember a time we were spying on a city guard (Human warrior 2) and they saw us, they were speaking of a plot by the shadow thieves to retaliate against the Lords of Waterdeep. I did not know what any of this meant but the guards did not want us to hear, they came after us but Taif was able to get us away by making some images and sounds, apparently all gnomes can do it.

I have always had a great respect for the Lords of Waterdeep, always having the people in mind, but hiding in the shadows never taking the credit. These are great men and I would to be that humble and giving one day… I feel selfish when I think of the things these men have to go through. I strive to be like them, like the Queen of Arvandor, and like my father

The story of my father,

Evandil Maliamne is a man of great stature, he is someone I look up to and model parts of my life after. I cannot ever hope to be as great as he is but I strive to have his drive and presence. He was an ambassador to help different governments sign peace treaties that were beneficial to the elves in the mid 1200’s. He rarely has to fight but he is capable should the situation arise. During his tours a compassion for the other races, that his fellow elves did not know nor would ever understand, grew in him; this is how he came to love my mother (and I am certainly glad for that). He was part of Semberholme and the attempt to rebuild the great elven community that existed there so long ago. He retreated when the drow came and given his differences separated from the other elves. One of my hopes is that I will carry respect as he does. He is well respected in any major government in this land. He will never use his well studied magic for personal gain, only for defense of himself and especially the less fortunate. I love my father; I will miss him on this quest to earn the favor of Angharradh. He now uses his abilities in trade and has done quite well with it.

On top of respecting the other races my parents thought it relevant that I be educated. I never cared too much for school, and am distracted easily. I am Inattentive, and much of the time people can surprise me even unintentionally. I learned about the histories of this world in my classes and some geography though I am no expert. I shine where I negotiate. I can get myself out of almost any situation with the use of my tongue and I am fluent in many languages.

But where was I? Oh yes my love, Ma’alainen (112 year old Sun Elf, level 2Sorceress), the most beautiful creature in existence, a pure blood sun elf, the capture of my attention, and smart too, I found myself gazing, though she paid little attention to me. I went for 4 months just watching her. She had incredible silky brown hair and beautiful gray eyes. I would arrive to my studies early so I could watch her enter, taking in the imagery and drowning in the moments. My friends and fellow classmates thought me a fool. They did not see the beauty I saw, but that was no matter I was going to have her. When I finally worked up the courage I was 15 years old I asked her if she would like to study with me.

I am glad for the sun, for it wakes me to see you,
But also the night where I dream of your virtue,
These feelings for you seem never to slow,
You’re in my mind, where always you glow.

This is the short poem I wrote for Ma’alainen to show my affection for her. The help her understand what great beauty she really had. I was hopelessly lost in thoughts of her…She agreed to study with me, though I was probably more of a distraction then a help.

We studied for the next year and until we were done with school. My attention grew worse and I had to use my influential nature to persuade my teachers into letting me continue. I did however enjoy some classes. My favorite was a hands-on class on the workings of some machinery. I learned how different equipment worked and how to fix it and take it apart. I became good with tools and with my hands. I learned how locks worked and figured out how to pick them. This was one of the only classes I gave effort to, I always trusted in my diplomatic abilities… When did that start?

When I was ten my father would take me with him when he conducted his business. He disguised himself when he went into the city to trade. He never taught me the art of disguise, but he did explain how to get people to listen and how to improve their attitude. I was a good learner and by the time I was eleven I was able to sway into agreement and make sales on my own. I applied these skills in every aspect of my life.

When I started at the university at the age of twelve I would get through my studies by negotiation with other students. I remember stopping a fight between two people. It was not always easy being a half-elf as I stated earlier, I remember vividly an instance where I had to help a human out a situation with some high elves. I was calm and collected in this situation, able to keep my wits and the use of my tongue. I was noticing this about myself, I was surprisingly calm in most situations; perhaps this was the reason for my lack of awareness. This was the first time I had seen hatred based on a person’s race. However, this would not be the last time, and certainly not the worst…

Why did I not end up happy? What happened between me and the holder of my heart Ma’alainen? Well she began to love me back we grew to know each other very well she had innate magical powers and could charm a person. We began speaking of our lives together and thinking about marriage after this last year of studying. My father was proud of me and really liked Ma’alainen, but, and though I am slow, there was something that was bugging me. I had never met her father or anyone from her family for that matter. I began asking her when this would happen, but when I did she got a sad look on her face. I didn’t touch the subject further until after school.

She finally opened up to me; her father looked at half-elves as so much a lesser race poisoned by the blood of humans. I told her I could sway him easily and started heading toward her house though she tried desperately to stop me. At one point even tears starting coming to her eyes. I stopped and reassured her telling her that I am capable and have learned how to sway people. But I could not…

When I went to the Kauneus household I knocked firmly on the door. Her father was there to answer I asked him for his daughter but there was no swaying him. I tried several times and he finally said to me, “Unless the Queen of Arvandor herself, or the great god Corellon Larethian comes here to this house and commands me to give her to you, I will not do it! Leave my house at once half bred dog! The anger in my stomach boiled… I tried to find my love but he somehow locked her up and would not let her see me. Or perhaps he enchanted me I will never know; I have a single minded focus now.

-speaking of her brings such heaviness to my heart, my sweet Ma’alainen…

I went to the nearest temple of Angharradh and learned all I could about her. I had some prior knowledge but one of the serving girls, at the temple took a liking to me and she let me in at night to learn about this great goddess. I had never been one for religion but I will do anything for my love. I sketch her beautiful face every day I love drawing the contours of her exotic features. I miss the taste of her lips against mine and her arms around my neck… I miss the times we used to go to the coast and listen and watch as the waves crashed against the shore…

I learned much of the Queen of Arvandor I learned that she herself wields the duskshaft a spear of some kind. I went to Myrmith Splendon (LN male Tethyrian human fighter 12), a professional tutor of fighters. I won him over (with some difficulty) to teach me how to use a spear and teach me the ways of battle at minimal cost. He taught me how to use the long spear against oncoming enemies, he taught me to use a plethora of other weapons, and he showed me how to set a snare for an opponent and how to check for snares. His assessment of my build led him to believe that I was better taking a defensive position in battle. He taught me to be calculated and well thought out, I found that I was exceptional at finding weak points in unaware or distracted opponents and using them to my advantage. I felt constricted in heavier armor so I decided on the chain shirt; it offered protection with little impairment to movement. When I was finished learning (which took several months) I spoke into the air hoping that by some divine intervention my lady would hear me. “I will find a way to be with you… Angharrahdh will speak for me.”

With these last words I went once more to the temple and left a note with the young elf servant to give to Ma’alainen. I prayed to the Queen of Arvandor asking for safe travel and a hopeful return. There was no response I knew it would take a lot for me to speak with this great goddess, but I aligned myself to her law, I bent myself to her will, I learned her ways. I hope she will show me this great favor, but I must prove myself to her. She is friends with the goddess Sune, perhaps she will help her see the importance of love.

I set out in search of a way to speak with the gods. Perhaps the dragons knew, or the mages to the north… I wish I knew my geography better I should have paid more attention. I will head to the Silver Marches perhaps I can learn something there. I heard there was a temple of Sune and Corellon Larethian there. I will learn all I can about these gods to try to understand more the workings of her greatness Angharradh. I will have to travel through Longsaddle. This will be a long and perilous journey, but the more I learn about the Seldarine the closer I feel to getting my sweetness back. I hope I will reach my love before I die and ascend to Arvandor, though I may be able to convince the Seldarine easier if I was already there and could stand before them.

It has been almost a year since I saw my sweet Ma’alainen, my face grows sad; I must find a way… I whispered, barely audible even to myself, “I will find a way. Angharradh I pray you great queen, guide me to you…” I said walking from the city with thoughts of hopelessness biting at the corners of my mind.

-Something is different about this morning… I can feel something is close. A hope rises in me this day; not even a shadow of a smile has crossed my lips in so long. Today I find my lips curving upward with renewed anticipation.

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Sample Backstory

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