Knowledge, Dragons, Gods, and Revenge

Recap Session 8

Session 8

Jawth, Sly, Windrunner, and Ulvan, went back to tend to the mules and get some rest. The previous hours had weighed heavy on them and no one was looking well. After resting the party continued through the library. When the party arrived where outside the room where they left the black rock you decided to move around it and leave it be. There was a hole in the ground 10ft by 10ft and easily seen. The half-orc and the half-ling recognized it as a trap. Jawth continued forward and sly followed chalking the ground behind him. The rogue made a wrong step and fell through the floor. Thirty feet he fell and you could hear the bones crunch as he hit the bottom.

He was able to stand up and a rope was lowered to get him, but as soon as he reached out for it a spider bit him and it was on! More spiders came, Windrunner jumped into the whole, Cheytahk thinking it better decided to wait up top with Sly and Ulven, who was sending magic down repeatedly out of the fingers of his right hand. There were other creatures down there as well, “Nightmare Beasts” as Windrunner called them, “Abberations” the more educated half-orc would say. Windrunner knew these creatures and knew where they were weak. He took one down and the other tried to run, but windrunner caught him and the beast, cornered and scared, took the great warrior of the plains down. The monster ran and hid. Sly brought Windrunner back through her music. Cheytahk worried at the cries and screams of her mast jumped down and he found windrunner sprawled and bleeding on the floor. Windrunner was weak and tired, poisoned bleeding, but he would let this creature live. He burned the webs that were spread all about the room and the creature came running out to its doom. The mangled party decided to rest again.

In the room a ring was found, Sly put it on and it was cursed, Windrunner almost cut the poor halflings hand off. Sly would not go near Windrunner for some time and still looks at him skeptically. There was a door with a chain through the handle that was unlocked. You entered and found a single set of footprints down the hallway. Windrunner followed them exactly and could not make sense of them. The hallway had a door in one of the corners. and it let to a giant 100 ft tall with mirrors on every wall. To one side of the room there were some strange puzzles in the ground. You figured those out meanwhile Windrunner noticed a “secret door” and tried to open it. It attacked him sticking to him and almost bringing him down, but he managed.

After solving the puzzles the floor opened and revealed a stairway to the bottom. You walked down and found three guards which let you through to Velik. Velik healed you all and helped Sly remove the ring. And restored he lost life. You entered a portal into an illusion and overcame it there was a riddle, a maze and some strange creatures that made you stupid. You went through a negative energy plain and you could feel your very life being pulled by the very ground. You reached the Library…



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